Aliens of the Deep

Stereoscopic 3D / Stereoscopic 3D Finishing / Title Design / Trailer Finishing /

Prior to founding Identity Studios, Mr. Vezzali was brought on board the project at Lowry Digital due to his background in Visual Effects, Digital Intermediate workflows and Stereoscopic 3D experience. Given that the film was slated for an IMAX release, there was an astounding amount of digital assets from production and VFX vendors that needed to be tracked, integrated, color corrected, enhanced and adjusted for depth prior to film-out. Mr. Vezzali was honored to play a significant role in helping to bring the movie to the big screen.
The film was a critical success and served as an excellent prelude to Mr. Cameron’s future work on “Avatar”.

Director(s) – James Cameron, Steve Quale
Cinematographer(s) – James Cameron, Vince Pace