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Top 5 Movies To Own in 3D DVD

Need ideas for stocking up your home 3D DVD movie collection? Impress your guests by breaking out with one of these 3D movies for your next home screening party!

1) Avatar (Blu-ray 3D)

Easy to love this movie. Beautifully created, filled with color, excitement, action and even romance. Wonderful experience visually, Avatar is the perfect example of 3D at its best. Mostly shot natively in 3D with the exception of a few scenes that were stereoscopically converted to 3D.

2) Disney Pixar’s Up (Blu-ray 3D)

3D version of this movie was exceptionally well done. Vivid colors seem to just pop, 3D picture is beautiful and very crisp.

3) Tron: Legacy (3D Blu-ray)

Watch this and it will be without a doubt the best 3D experience you will have for your 3D TV. The 3D effects were flawless with no ghosting.

4) Thor (3D Blu-ray)

This movie wasn’t filmed in 3D to begin with, it was converted in post but a solid example of 2D to 3D conversion. Good for someone who is looking for a family movie with plenty of action and no foul language. Well worth the purchase for your home 3D TV.

5) Tangled (3D Blu-ray)

This is a nice family film to watch on DVD. Tangled in 3D definitely has that storybook feel, filled with bright colors and wide eyed characters. The 3D in this film is subtle yet still well done. Very clean, sharp, filled with vibrant colors, the 3D added depth and the effects were not intrusive.

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