One of Identity Studios’ goals is to maximize efficiencies from a technological perspective to produce the greatest value for each property. In production, this means having access to the latest digital camera equipment and employing new technologies like stereoscopic 3D. In post, it means being able to not only field the best software solutions, but to co-develop them to match the rapidly evolving digital post-production landscape. In marketing, it means creating innovative technological strategies to promote a property across the media spectrum, maximizing its exposure and longevity.

We are a forward thinking company that utilizes current and cutting edge technologies to address all phases of a property’s lifespan. On the post-production side, Identity FX fields a robust Stereoscopic 3D and Visual Effects pipeline that features the SGO/Mistika finishing platform supported by software including Nuke, Mocha, After Effects, Framecycler DI and Speedgrade NX. Using Mistika, Identity FX is able to apply real-time visual effects, color, and stereoscopic solutions Рfor both native 3D optimization and 2D to 3D conversion Рin a client driven environment. With a constant eye towards the evolution of the digital industry, Identity has forged relationships with digital camera manufacturers and software technology partners to continually advance our production and post-production pipelines.